Just In Case ACNE Kit

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Bio: Just in case you want to travel in the right direction or get started on a new course of skin care AWAREness- pick up one of our travel packs targeted specifically for your skin type. This kit to target the signs of aging offers the full Dermaware Advanced Regimen of products. It includes: Pure & Gentle cleanser (1 oz), Oil Balance Toner (1 oz), A+ Smart Serum (1/5 oz), VITal B Hydrogel (1/5 oz), Pure C Glow Microgel strong (1/4 oz), Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer Oil-Free (1/4 oz), Blemish Banisher Gel (1/4 oz), Deep & Clear Cleanser (1 oz), End of the Line Gel (1/5 oz), VITal Retinol Gel Gentle (1/4 oz), VITal C Cream (1/4 oz).


Acne breakouts


Key Ingredients: Please refer to the individual products for details.